Order of St. Dominic

The United States Army Space Professionals Association has established an awards program to honor the very best individuals within America’s Army Space Cadre. Any member in good standing of the ASPA may nominate other members of the ASPA to receive one of the three levels of the Order of Saint Dominic medallion (Bronze, Silver or Gold). Any member of the ASPA may nominate deserving individuals by completing and submitting a nomination packet to the President of the ASPA. 

The nomination packet shall include a nomination memorandum and should normally be accompanied by a short biography of the nominee’s professional experience.  Nomination packets may also include chain of command endorsement and/or recommendation, if and as appropriate.  Upon approval, the nominating member or endorsing chapter shall submit a check to cover the costs for the award packet, which includes the medallion, ribbon, and certificate.

To be eligible for nomination for one of the Order of Saint Dominic medallions, individuals should meet the following criteria:

  • Be recognized within the community of individuals who comprise the Army’s Space Cadre as a peer who has actively and substantively contributed to the Army’s employment of space & space capabilities and/or who has contributed to the development and sustainment of the Army’s Space Cadre.
  • Be a member in good standing of the Army Space Professionals Association. 
  • Meet the criteria established in the text below for the specific level of the Order of Saint Dominic for which the individual is being recommended.

Nominations may be submitted for individuals whose qualifications do not conform with these eligibility criteria.  An explanation of such a nomination should be included in the required nomination memorandum.  The established nominating review and approval process will consider such nomination packets; however, they may be returned to the individual who submitted the nomination with a determination that the individual is ineligible for a recognition using the Order of Saint Dominic.  The nomination may also be approved or modified and approved as modified.  If a nominee is determined to be ineligible, the return documentation will indicate if it appears appropriate to resubmit the nomination as as a nomination for a Noble Patron of Space award.Individuals who substantively contributed to the Army’s leveraging of space capabilities prior to the advent of the Army Space Cadre and the FA 40 officer career field may well merit recognition under the Order of Saint Dominic.